All works by Steven Brower, 1998/1999 unless otherwise noted.
1.William Blake, "I Want! I Want!", 3" X 2.5", 1793, Etching
2.Plan view of gallery depicting installation of UTILITY
3.Fountain, 48" X 15" X 15", Working water fountain
4.Drawing of Kiosk, 18" X 24", Pencil on paper
5.Detail of Dam; Lombard-Freid's commode; Dam with Reservoir, 12" X 20" X 9", Plastic, metal, paint
6.3 Drawings of Dam, 12" X 18" each, Pen on paper
7.Utility Pole, 20" X 3" X 5", Wood, plastic, metal
8.View of Lombard-Freid's bathroom with conduit
9.Observatory, 22" X 16" X 16", Wood, plastic, paint, video camera, metal
10.Drawing of Observatory, 18" X 25", Pen on paper
11.Model of Lombard-Freid gallery, 8" X 32" X 28", Foamcore and video monitor
12.Moon, 9" X 9" X 9", Plastic, paint
13.Drawing of Solar Collector, 14" X 11", Pen on paper
14.Sumac Orphan, Dimensions variable
15.Drawing of Waste Treatment Plant (detail), 18" X 26", Pencil on paper
16.Steam Engine and Boiler, 18" X 16" X 17", Metal
17.UTILITY installation view, gallery 1
18.UTILITY installation view, gallery 2
19.Drawing of Punch Clock, 14" X 11", Pencil on paper
20.Inspirational snapshot of Rest Stop in Northern Michigan with Reynolds-Corliss steam engine, kiosk, utility pole, trash can, barbecue grill and picnic table

The information above is purely fictional. Even the facts are, since they have been generally wrested so completely from their contexts. In an attempt to account for a particular situation, that of having a show in a gallery, I found that I had to keep pulling farther and farther away from that situation to allow for important external factors.What I can make as artwork is dependent on things like my job, how big my living space is, what time the library closes, coffee, etc. I think this condition is fairly familiar to many people, and I make it my subject matter. Amazed at my level of dependence on the banal and the commonplace, I have found that if one wants to at least be self-aware, one must reconcile fact and fiction, and in a throwaway world of decreasing expectations, this proves increasingly difficult.
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